our story

West Rock Apparel Co. was born out of the need for sustainable, organic clothing built to stand the test of kid life. We have 5 kids and we know baby and toddler clothing. I was looking for pieces that weren't too girly or too boyish, that had enough style without being over the top, were made in a way I felt good about putting my money towards, and were made of fabric without toxins I felt good about putting my new babes in. 

It's a tall order, I know. And it was hard to find!

With a background in art and design, I had a good handle on the fabric, designs, and creative side. It was leaning how to actually develop and manufacture a clothing line and the business side of things that were a challenge. Figuring out how to juggle life with 4 young kiddos at the time and learning how to build a brand turned out to be more a challenge than time allowed at the moment. It constantly got pushed to the side to take care of everything and everyone else.

Then, we had our fifth baby. In a global pandemic. All 7 of us were home together. And I had the worst postpartum anxiety and depression yet. So, I decided it was the perfect time to get this brand I had been dreaming about off the ground. I know it doesn't sound like the right time to start a business, but it was actually the best time for me.  

And now here we are, nearly 2 years later, with a beautiful baby and toddler clothing brand. Made of organic cotton and manufactured ethically in New York City. And I could not be more excited to share this dream of a brand with you. 

Thank you for being here at the start. Your support means more than you know. 

*As part of our commitment to support new parents in our community and their mental health, West Rock Apparel Co. will donate to The Poderosa Project every quarter. Thank you for helping to support the community that means so much to us.