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Top 5 Must-Haves For Your New Babe

Can I let you in on a little secret? It can be pretty overwhelming figuring out what you really need for your new babe, even if it’s not your first rodeo.

Sound Accurate?

Well, after 5 babies and 10 years of momming, I've selected my family's Top 5 Must-Haves to take some of the guesswork out for you.




Wearing your baby can work wonders when they’re fussy, overstimulated, overtired, and just can't turn it off. All of my babies would nap for hours in there because they’re snuggled up next to my chest, they can feel me breathing and feel my heartbeat, they feel safe to relax. As babies get older, wearing them keeps them involved in what’s happening in your world which helps developmentally. I always have one carrier in my car and one at home, just so I’m never without!

Solly Baby is a great brand for wraps when your babe is tiny and new. They’re made of Lenzing Modal, a plant based fabric with low environmental impact and biodegradable and compostable fibers! Super soft and the right amount of stretch. There’s definitely a learning curve here, but with a few YouTube videos and a little practice you’ll be a pro.

As baby gets older I use a soft structured carrier like Ergobaby, Sakura Bloom, or Tula. What I’m loving about the Ergobaby brand now is a new program they’ve started, Everlove by Ergobaby. It’s a carrier buyback, restoration, and resell program. Such a great sustainable option! I love the stories they share about the preloved carriers, their history, who got to snuggle their babe in there before you.

PRO TIP: The best way to try out a few different carriers is to find a local babywearing group near you. They have monthly, if not more frequent, meetings and bring loads of different carriers to try out. You’re able to borrow them to try them out before you make your purchase! They’ll make sure you have the carrier set up properly and show you how to position your baby for their safest and most comfortable experience.                     

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2. Plum and Sparrow Moses Basket

I’d had my eye on a Moses basket for years and knowing our sweet P would be the last babe to join our family I decided to go for it. Not only is our Plum and Sparrow basket beautiful, P slept like a dream baby from her first sleep in there. We also bought their Nest Lounger that made the basket cozy when she was new and tiny. There is nothing cuter than a baby in a basket! The baskets are a fair trade product made by local artisans in West Africa. Plum and Sparrow gives back 10% of each basket sold to help the artisans and their families with things like healthcare and schooling for their children. I love products with a story. I love companies that support community.


3. BOB Jogging Stroller

I cannot recommend this stroller enough! We got our BOB single stroller 10 years ago and we still use it all the time. We also have the double version because we love it so much. The single holds up to 75 pounds. Our 5 year old still fits in it. And the double holds up to 100 pounds! Both versions have the capability to clip in a car seat with the purchase of an adapter making it usable from newborn until your kiddo just has no interest in being in a stroller anymore. There is a big basket underneath for storage and a console bag with 2 cupholders and a zipper pouch. There’s a little pocket in the stroller seat itself where my kids like to stash their water bottle, rocks, mulch, leaves, smashed goldfish crackers, all the standard kid stuff. Also, it’s nontoxic as no flame retardants were used on the fabrics! I know there are amazing strollers with bassinets and different attachments which always look so dreamy, but if you’re looking for a stroller that can take a beating, get over broken sidewalks, gravel paths, and soccer fields, this is your stroller.

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4. Branch Basics Cleaning Concentrate

We have been using Branch Basics in our house for several years now. It is a plant and mineral based cleaning concentrate that is super safe to use around (and on!) babies and pets. We use it for everything. I use it as our all purpose cleaner, laundry detergent, glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, hand soap, really everything. It's fragrance free and completely nontoxic so your kiddos can help you clean without worrying about what they’re touching and smelling. I love that I can wipe down baby toys, highchairs, table tops and not worry about what chemicals my little ones will touch. Because it's fragrance free, it's perfect for laundry for your new baby, but I use it for my whole family. They have TONS of tips and suggestions for use on their website and a super informative blog with loads of advice for practical nontoxic living. The best part, they offer a subscription so I don’t have to remember to order it!
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5. Blueair Air Purifier

We live in an old house and it’s just dusty. Last winter with a new baby coming I was going crazy trying to get the dust under control. This air purifier helped so much so quickly I bought one for all of our bedrooms. Design wise they’re pretty sleek and don’t look out of place in our rooms. We have the Blue 411+ with three speed settings. The lower 2 you can’t hear, but the highest level can double as a sound machine, which is perfect for the baby's room. The Blueair air purifiers are also environmentally friendly. The units are energy efficient, made of steel with minimal use of plastic, all components are recyclable, and the filters are made of biodegradable materials. The filters should be replaced every 6 months. And guess what, there’s a subscription service so you don’t even have to think about it! I recently changed our filters and it takes maybe 2 minutes per unit. And the filters were horribly dusty. Clearly they’re working!

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