Our Pre-Sale Process

Our Pre-Sale Process

We chose to launch with a Pre-Sale model. This means from November 24th to December 8 orders will be open with a 10% discount! After December 8th, you will still be able to order, but you will not receive the Pre-Sale incentive.

The reason we chose a pre-sale is for a few reasons..

1. To make sure you get the sizes ans colors of the items you want.

2. To ensure we are not creating excessive inventory. We have a focus on sustainability and strive to keep our garments out of landfills. By producing only what is needed we are able to do this.

3. As a new business, this really gives us insight as to what sizes and colors you want and what will be best for you as we move forward.

4. Please reach out for any questions! 

Here is a timeline that will break down our process.

Let me know if I can help explain anything further!

Talk soon!

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